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Aunt Martha

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Carmanville Wetlands Nature Trail


The Habitat Committee of Carmanville invites you to visit its Interpretation Center and walking trail located on Route 330.  With a total of 4 kilometers bordering the beautiful Carmanville pond, it makes for a true paradise for hikers, birdwatchers and photographers alike.



This unique building is the first step in your Interpretive Tour of the Nature Trail as well as the Town of Carmanville.


 Carmanville Wetlands Nature Trail's Website


After exploring the stunning nature trail, come have a rest at the Interpretation Centre where you can immerse yourself in the history of the surrounding area and learn all about the “Fire of 61” - the largest forest fire known to Newfoundland.


But don’t stop there! Visit the craft shop to find amazing arts and crafts made and designed by the communities very own residents.


Besides a unique building and a simply amazing walking trail you will see an abundance of wild things in their natural habitat such as:

·         Canada Geese, Green Wing Teals, Common Loons and elegant Black Ducks!

·         Bald and Golden Eagles, Northern Goshawks and other birds of prey!

·         Fox Sparrows, Boreal Chickadees and Northern Juncos!

·         Beavers, Muskrats, Red Squirrels, lots of Snowshoe Hare and even Robins’ nests!





Carmanville Trails map2

pond1              pond2



A large number of Canada Geese can be seen at the pond!


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