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Aunt Martha’s Sheep Festival




The Aunt Martha Sheep Festival is the annual Carmanville summer festival put off by the Carmanville Recreation Committee.  The name of the festival comes from the local legend and song “Aunt Martha’s Sheep” written by a local, Mr. Ellis Coles.  The Aunt Martha Sheep Festival is usually held around the middle of July and is three days of music, food and fun.  There are numerous activities held throughout the weekend including dances, games of chance and family bingo just to name a few.  All visitors are welcome to this weekend of fun and the festival usually draws a large crowd.


Aunt Martha's Sheep is a song written by Ellis Coles of Carmanville and performed by Dick Nolan. It was primarily viewed as a slight on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The song got airplay in the 1970s, but less after that. Released in 1972 it became one of Dick Nolan's signature songs.