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Aunt Martha

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The following household items must be placed in a CLEAR BAG.



  • bags
  • bottle caps
  • bubble envelopes
  • candy and granola bar wrappers
  • CD and DVDs and cases
  • chip and snack bags
  • cutlery
  • individual condiment packages
  • plastic wrap and baggies
  • straws


  • coffee cups and take-out drink containers
  • gift bags and wrapping paper
  • paper napkins
  • paper towels
  • tissues
  • wax paper


  • blankets and bed sheets
  • ceramic dishes
  • clothing
  • diapers
  • empty aerosol cans
  • empty paint cans
  • empty propane tanks
  • food waste
  • full or unopened food containers
  • glass jars (e.g. jam, pizza sauce, salsa)
  • kitty litter
  • laundry baskets and hampers
  • pet food bags
  • pots and pans
  • sharp objects (e.g. needles, knives, broken glass) in a puncture-proof container
  • styrofoam
  • toys (plastic, wood, metal)

Two small privacy bags (non-transparent) may be placed inside each clear bag with your household garbage.