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Aunt Martha




Carmanville Fire Department





(709) 534-4444

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Carmanville Volunteer Fire Dept

P.O Box 239

Carmanville, NL

A0G 1N0


Fire Department Members:


Nathanael White (Fire Chief)                          519-216-2058

Keith Howell                                                          534-2108

George Blackwood                                                 534-2154

Herbert (Bobby) Goodyear                                    534-2673

Edward Parsons                                                      534-2013

Harvey Ellsworth                                                   534-2827

Cory Boone                                                            534-2784

                                                                               571-9234 (cell)

Jamie Easton                                                          534-6003

Lovell Ellsworth                                                    534-2826

Evan Gillingham                                                    534-2935

Justin Goodyear                                                     534-2673

Jason Mouland                                                       534-2775

Tammy Mouland                                                   534-2775

Enos Wheaton                                                        534-2084

Truman Spencer                                                     534-2042

Shawn Budgell                                                       534-2132



Services Carmanville, Noggin Cove and Frederickton area.


Located at 10 Noggin Cove Road, Carmanville, NL



Carmanville Volunteer Fire Department Members Photo