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Community Garden 



Community Garden 6



In 2017, the Carmanville Habitat Committee received an Enviro Fest grant worth $4200 from Newfoundland Light and Power. This enabled the Committee to build more than a dozen garden boxes for community members to plant. A raised garden box was also placed at the Carmanville Manor for seniors.


Community Garden 1

Community Garden 5




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1.      All gardeners must have requested a garden plot from the Carmanville Habitat Committee.

2.      Occasional garden meetings and events are scheduled throughout the growing season.  Please make every effort to attend and get to know your fellow gardeners and to assist with garden upkeep.

3.      Keep your plot and the surrounding area tended.  If you plan to discontinue use of your plot please notify a committee member ASAP so your plot can be reassigned.  Abandonment of plots may result in your inability to secure a plot in future years.

4.      At the end of the gardening season, all dead plants and non-plant materials ( eg. Fencing) must be removed and properly disposed of leaving all plots neat and tidy.

5.      Place all litter in the garbage can provided by the Town.

6.      Please place weeds and dead plants in one of the two compost bins provided.  Diseased plants or weeds gone to seed should be disposed of in the garbage.

7.      Please follow the composting guidelines posted in the shed.  Add a small shovel full of dirt and some water to the composters and turn the contents when adding material.

8.      Do not add or remove anything from another gardener’s plot without their approval.

9.      Please do not leave the water on unattended.  When finished gardening, please roll up the hose and replace on the hose rack.  As well, please clean and return all tools to the shed in their proper location and be sure to lock the shed.  Please do not share the lock code with others. A list of tools and materials will be posted in the shed.

10.  Smoking is not permitted.

11.  All children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

12.  Please report theft, vandalism, etc. to a committee member.

13.  Gardeners are encouraged to work together to maintain their plots and to share knowledge and gardening tips.

14.  Produce grown in communal beds (eg. Strawberries) is available to all community gardeners.  However, please be mindful that others may wish to harvest some of the produce and please share.

15.  All gardeners must provide a contact phone number and email address. It is preferred that gardeners join the Carmanville Community Garden Facebook page, as this will be the preferred method of communication. A contact list will be posted inside the shed.

16.  Use common courtesy, be considerate of your garden neighbours and enjoy the garden!


Summer 2019 Community Garden

We had some great results with our Community Garden in 2019